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Shanghai- the city that will not stop surprising you

These series of articles on what we like to call the “classic route” of traveling China will focus every week on a different location. This week, we will be Shanghai.

Shanghai, our favorite city in China, is the beating heart of economy of China. The city which now hosts about 25 million people became in the last twenty years the Manhattan of China. Everyone from all over the country want to work and enjoy huge amount of opportunities Shanghai offers. Living and traveling in Shanghai is definitely an east meet west experience.

Getting a haircut in the street. Whould you imagine this picture was taking in Shanghai?

The city underwent a radical change after the British established a colonial along the Huangpu River in 1942. The British, and afterwards then the French and the Americans, made Shanghai a center for business and commerce and the western and glamorous place it is today.

One can confidently say that Shanghai would have never become what it is today if the Europeans would not have shaped it 170 years ago. Many people who travel to Shanghai think it is just another big city, but once you get familiar with the history and discover how diverse this city really is, you realize how great it is. The Shanghai Jewish Ghetto, Yu Gardens in the old town and the Bund Promenade are all excellent examples of how beautiful and different this city is.

The Shanghai Refugees Museum-

The wall of names and ohel moshe

Located in Hongkou district, is perhaps one of the most interesting areas of the city. The area that was once a part of the American colonial area of Shanghai, has become during the Second World War a shelter for Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Europe. We are amazed every time we guide our travelers through the Jewish tour of Shanghai of how the old ghetto area and its significant Jewish story. It is literally worth coming to Shanghai just for that.

The Bund promenade-

The tall building is the Shanghai tower- The second tallest building in the world

Overlooks the new Skyline of Shanghai from one side and the old skyline from the other, it is without a doubt the most known attraction of the city. If you didn’t visit the Bund you haven’t been to Shanghai.

The Yu Gardens

Yu Gardens in a picture that hides the amount of people that visit the area every day.

Located at the ancient city of Shanghai, is a traditional Chinese gardens compex built almost 1000 years ago. Today the complex was renovated and rearranged and serves as a huge bazaar. Ironically we like to call the place "Chinatown".


Xintiandi- The most fashionable area of Shanghai

Often called the former French concession, although it is a very small part of it, is one of the most fashionable areas Shanghai have to offer. The Buildings were built in a unique Shikumen style combining Chinese and Western characteristics. Xintiandi is without a doubt the place to live in Shanghai today.

So...are you feeling like you want to explore China?

There are many ways to travel China, but if you traveled the right way, it will probably be a once in a lifetime experience. Contact us today to start your Journey to China

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