• Ofer Farjun

Six Facts That Will Make China Your Next Travel Destination

For the new Chinese new year - Six facts that will make China your next travel destination-

-China recently celebrated the opening of the largest Mall in the world. The building hosts, among other things, a water park, a swimming beach, 2 hotels and more.

-China is planning to build a bullet train railway that will connect Beijing with London. The ride will last 2 days.

-The Gobi desert in China is the size of the state of Peru and every year it grows 6 times the area of Manhattan.

-China borders with 14 countries. Among them are Russia, North Korea, Nepal, Vietnam and India.

-The Beijing Olympics was the most expensive Olympic tournament in the history. The total cost was 40 billion dollars and today the area is mostly a tourist attraction.

-There are 292 spoken languages in China. That is almost a hundred more then the official number of countries registered at the Untied nations.(193)

Happy Chinese New Year!

There are many ways to travel China, but if you traveled the right way, it will probably be a once in a lifetime experience. Contact us today to start our Journey to China

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