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Xi'an- China's first Capital

As part of our series of articles on what we call the classic route, in this article we will focus on the city of Xian

Xi'an, The first capital of united China and the burial site of its first Emperor, is perhaps one of the most diverse cities in China. In the past the city was the most eastern destination of the Silk Road so the city was greatly influenced by the culture of the merchants who arrived to it from Asia. That is why the Indian Buddhism first started spreading to China from Xi’an and in the city there is a wide colorful Muslim quarter. Along with its rich cultural diversity, the discovery of the Terracotta warrior’s monument in the 70’s made the city a must visit location for history lovers. We strongly recommend to visit Xian and to explore the variety of attractions this city has to offer.

Attractions that you should not miss in Xi’an-

The Terracotta army monument-

The Terra Cotta worriers’ monument is perhaps the most impressive attraction in Xi'an area. In 1974, a farmer from a village close to the city dug a well and discovered the remains of statues in the ground. The Chinese government has worked much on the site and opened the museum to the public in 1979. The Terra Cotta army has about 7,000 figures of soldiers in human size, some would say even supernatural size, their horses and weapons that were buried with the first emperor of China and protect the tomb for the last 2000 years.

The ancient City walls-

The Xi’an city walls is one of the largest and best preserved city walls in China. The constructions began at around 1350 and was rebuilt many times since. We see the walls as a must visit locations in the city due to their impressive width and the ability of comparing the city inside and outside of the walls. We also recommend taking a bike tour on the walls and surround the Old City.

The Muslim Quarter

As mentioned, Xi’an was for many years the most eastern destination of the ancient Silk Road. In today’s Xi’an there is a big Muslim community living in the ancient city. Therefore it was argued that many Muslim traders settled in the city during the Silk Road famous years and created a community that grew with time. The Muslim Quarter in Xi’an today, is actually a giant bazaar of Muslim food, as well as various spices shops and interesting goods.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

the Temple that was built at 652 is argued to be the most important Buddhist temple in China. Within the temple are sculptures and original scrolls that were brought from India to Xi'an region using ancient Silk Road. The ancient temple was recognized in 2014 as part of the World Heritage sites of UNESCO, together with other Silk Road sites.

So...do you feel like you want to explore China?

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