Guilin & Yangshuo- One of China's most beautiful areas

March 24, 2016

As part of our series of articles on what we like to call the "classic route", This time we will focus on Guilin and Yangshuo.


Guilin Yangshuo are the perfect escape from China's bustling cities.


Although the city of Guilin is the capital Guangxi County, in southwest China, the main attraction of the area is actually the small village of Yangshuo as Guilin is basically just the airport that connects travelers to Yangshuo and adjacent villages. Guilin area mentioned in Chinese poetry and literature for thousands of years, and not for nothing, it is one of the most beautiful regions in China with thousands of Karst Mountains shaping the view of this place.


In the past, Guilin was the main tourist destination for many Chinese, while Yangshuo was a small and unknown village about an hour and a half drive away. Since the 80's yangshuo became a favorite destination for backpackers who came because of the spectacular nature the area has to offer. Over the years, with the increasing economic development, the Chinese also discovered the magic of Yangshuo, and it has become a popular destination, but one that still maintains is uniqueness  


Places you would not want to miss-


Longji Terraces-




The rice terraces of Guilin-Yangshuo area are one of the most striking features of South China. Since ancient times the inhabitants of this area based their diets and their work on the rice crops. The rice fields also called Longsheng, In Chinese-Dragon back, because when the terraces are filled with water, in the spring, it is argued that they create a shape that looks like the back of a dragon.



Li River-

The Li River is the main artery of Yangshuo and Guilin area residents, and today is one of the most popular attractions in as well. During a peaceful cruise on the river banks you can see rural track their water buffalo's, or locals do their laundry. You can sail the big boat from Guilin down to Yangshuo but we recommend the bamboo boats owned by the locals which are more peaceful and intimate.


Moon Hill-



Although it will take 800 steps to climb to the top, we think the scenery in every step of the way is worth it. The collapse of karst during the years created a special form of a spectacular rainbow on top of the hill, which provides a clear view into the nearby environment.


Elephant Trunk Hill-

One of the most famous karst formations of Guilin area, and a magnificent attraction by itself, the elephant trunk is a most see in Guilin city. Do not miss the lookout on top of the hill.


So...are you feeling like you want to explore China?

There are many ways to travel China, but if you traveled the right way, it will probably be a once in a lifetime experience. Contact us today to start your Journey to China







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